ZENworks Reporting 6.4 is now available!

I am pleased to announce the availability of a shiny and new ZENworks Reporting 6.4. This release comes with the following key things:

  1. New Jaspersoft 6.4.3 Reporting engine

  • Update of underlying Appliance OS to SLES 12 SP3.

  • New capabilities in Dashboards including support for hyperlinks in Dashlets and new formatting and editing options.

  • New capabilities in report scheduler

  • Performance and security improvements

This release is available as a new appliance and serves as a replacement for the ZENworks 2017 Reporting Appliance and replaces it on all download locations. To ensure continuity of your business, we have made sure that you can use ZENworks Reporting 6.4 to report on all ZENworks versions starting from 11.4.3 and above.

I strongly urge you to migrate your existing ZENworks Reporting appliance to this new release, as it would help us help you better with any issues you might face in future. More details on what's new and how to deploy and migrate can be found here.



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