Wait is over for ZENworks Reporting!

The wait is finally over. I am pleased to announce that ZENworks Reporting 5.6 is now available for download as part of ZENworks 11 SP4. It packages Jaspersoft 5.6.1. Some of the key highlights of this release are :

  1. Appliance Only Deployment - With this release, we have shifted to an appliance only deployment for ZENworks Reporting. It is the same appliance that all of you have loved as part of ZENworks 11 SP4. We are also shipping a migration utility to help you migrate over from your physical servers.

  • Improved management console - The shift to appliance has allowed us to revamp the initial configuration and make it more user friendly. It also allowed us to expose various management tasks (LDAP, Domain etc.) in an easy to user manner.

  • 'No Data Mode' - Many of you have told us how tedious it can be design a report in Adhoc view, when with every drop/removal of object, whole report refreshes itself with latest data. Now Adhoc view supports a 'No Data' Mode. In this mode, report doesn't displays any data and it provides you the flexibility to remove or add objects at will. Once you have got all the objects in, just switch to 'Sample Data' mode to see updated report. We are hoping that this would go a long way in improving your experience with ZENworks Reporting.

  • Improved Calculated Fields And Measures - The Ad Hoc Editor's custom field functionality now supports combining multiple fields and functions in a single calculated field.

  • Input Controls and Filters Improvements - The usability of input controls and filters in Ad Hoc has been improved. It now supports type-ahead for single- and multi-select operators.

  • New Chart Types - This version comes with abundance of new chart types - Bubble charts, Spider charts, dual level pie charts, Time series charts etc.

  • Report Viewer Improvements - Several new features have been added to the report viewer, including the ability to magnify the report, the ability to search within the report's content, and a table of contents for reports where bookmarks
    are defined. Also, in interactive reports, the headers remain visible when you scroll down through the report's rows.

  • Report Templates - Report templates determine the appearance
    of reports saved from Ad Hoc views. Power users create report templates in Jaspersoft Studio and upload them to the server's repository. Ad Hoc users can select a report template to apply when creating a report from an Ad Hoc view.

  • Improved Report scheduling - The scheduler also offers new output options to FTP server and the host server file system; more options to embed report output as HTML in an email body or as ZIP file attachments; and more control over success and failure notifications.

I apologize for the delay in getting this release into your hands and many thanks are due for your patience and understanding. As I earlier mentioned here, we have ascertained that the issue may be encountered only in very rare scenarios. We are working on a fix and would deliver it to you as soon as we have it ready.

I am hopeful that you would really like this version of ZENworks Reporting. Happy Reporting !


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