#ZENworks 2016 about to enter the next phase of its life...


My apologies for my recent absence. It's been a busy, but exciting couple of weeks visiting customers, presenting at #MFSummit2016 and more. I'm excited to let you know that ZENworks 2016 is getting ready to enter its next phase. With the release of Preview 2, expected in roughly 5 weeks we want to start the formal beta. This will be an opportunity for you to meet with the PM and Engineering team on a regular basis, provide feedback about the product on these calls and work with us in the home stretch to ship ZENworks 2016.

We are looking for customers that are interested in participating in the ZENworks 2016 Beta and LightHouse programs. The Beta program means we'll ask you to deploy ZENworks 2016 in your lab, perform specific scenarios and adhoc testing and provide feedback, join calls and help us understand your view of the product's quality. The LightHouse program means you're willing to deploy Release Candidate code in your Production environment.

In both cases we are looking for customers that are interested in both the traditional ZENworks capabilities and the MDM capabilities we've built into ZCM 2016. If you are interested in participating in the either of these programs please drop us a line at zen@microfocus.com so we can get you provisioned for the program. We'll need your name, phone, email and Novell eLogin account to get you setup and ready to go. Then we'll get your invite out to you for our first Beta call just after the release of Preview 2.

Looking forward to working with you as we work to ship this exciting new version of ZENworks and move into a continuous cycle of innovation in the portfolio!  If you are coming to #OHSummit2016 I'll see you there!


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