Upgrading to ZENworks 2017 - Customer Care TechTalk

ZENworks 2017 Update 1 was recently released and extends the capabilities of ZENworks 2017 adding important new capabilities like Apple DEP support, FDE support UEFI devices and much more! Additionally, as the first update to ZENworks 2017, we know that many of you are now looking to make the move to the ZENworks 2017 solution so that you can begin managing all of your devices from one convenient place.

The Customer Care organization has heard that a number of you are interested in a webinar that looks at the preparation, upgrade process and best practices for ZENworks 2017 Update 1. As such we have scheduled the same for this coming Wed (August 30, 2017) at 9 AM Mountain time.  Come and learn how to ensure a smooth update, ask questions and be confident you can go back and upgrade to this exciting release.

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