Looking for feedback on future ZENworks requirement

As you are all aware, back in the ZENworks 2017 timeframe we were considering moving to an Appliance-only model for the ZENworks Primary Server. The intent of this was to optimize the number of platforms that needed to be tested and improve the overall stability of the system. Based on your feedback at the time, and your pre-11.4 appliance experience, we decided not to do this -- choosing instead to ensure that we provided a robust appliance experience while continuing to support Windows and Linux. Since then we've had some great feedback about the new appliance.

As we move forward we have identified a set of capabilities we need to add related to status reporting, inventory in a large system and trend reporting that requires the use of a different kind of database that can hold and report on massive amounts of data much faster than RDBMS databases can today. To do this we are investigating the ability to use our newly acquired Vertica database platform.

One of the challenges with Vertica is that it is only supported on the Linux platform. Based on this we are considering having the next version of ZENworks (codename "Atlantic") provide a ZENworks Appliance that has Vertica and a few other Linux only services included in it. If you want to take advantage of the large data changes or trending enhancements it would require the deployment of this updated ZENworks Appliance either as a replacement for your current Primary Server or as an additional Primary in the zone. Without at least one appliance deployed within the environment, your functionality would be limited because of this requirement.

I'm looking for your feedback now based on your appliance experience as to if there are any concerns with this requirement in ZENworks "Atlantic". What concerns do you have about this approach? Feel free to comment on the thread or drop us an email directly at zen@microfocus.com


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