Looking for your #ZENworks Dashboard Requests!


Hello community! We have recently begun looking at a new theme for the ZENworks product family that we are referring to as "Actionable Intelligence". This means that we want to provide you with a set of dashboards and widgets within ZCC that will help you quickly identify what's important to you and then perform actions that you want to take. So I'm looking for your ideas on what would make the biggest difference in your life from a dashboarding perspective as it relates to ZENworks. Here's what I want to know:

    1. What's the visualization look like? Is it a line, bar, pie, graphic, etc.


    1. What data should be represented?


    1. When you click on the graph to see details what details would you like to see?


    1. What actions do you want to be able to take from there?

To get your juices flowing here's a look at the mock-ups for the updated Patch Management we are currently scoping:

You can see this is much more visual than much of what we've done in ZCC today. Each graph tells you an important piece of information. When you click on one of these graphs, in this case the top, middle one then the graph gets bigger and you see details, filters and actions that you can take based on data selected.

In this case you can see when you click into the Recent Patches you can then change what recent means, select platforms and apply filters for manufacturers to see what was released by Microsoft or Micro Focus in the a last x number of days. If you click on a pie slice it will filter the results listed to just those of the selected critical. From there you can select a patch and perform a variety of actions such as Delete, Remediate, Enable, Disable, etc. You can also click on the links to drill into the data and see which devices need a certain patch or view the details of the patch.

These are currently just mock-ups of what we want to do, and we've started to build the code for the framework that will facilitate their creation. While engineering is working on that we want your feedback on what other dashlets and dashboards you want to see. So let your imagination roam wild, think about the things you check everyday that would be a great time saving effort for you and your colleagues, and then submit those ideas to us.

To submit a dashboard idea click here to add your Idea to the Dashboard category of the Ideas portal and then let us know what you want. If you want to draw pictures that describe your idea, feel free to email those to us at ZENworks Product Management. We anticipate sitting down to identify the top dashlets for implementation starting August 21, so get your ideas in quickly. We look forward to bringing your ideas to life!



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  • This looks very nice and could potentially be really useful. It would need to be able to scale to a large zone size (100,000 devices) and be quick enough to not frustrate the user in such an environment. A dashboard is useful for interacting with the system at a point in time but adding some proactive automated alerting/reporting or even automated actions on items would be even more useful so that someone doesn't need to constantly check the dashboard for issues. Thank you! --Patrick T.
  • Hi
    Sorry but the Dashboard has never been of much use to me. Its good to show management to let them think that stuffs working. The concept is OK and the numbers sort of add up. I would however like the user to know what patches have been applied to their workstation and their status as in pre ZCM 2017. For reporting, I'd rather more effort was put in the ZCM "Reports" function. Sorry.