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Align IT with the business Integrated with ZENworks Easy to deploy and use

Use the power of ITIL to transform your organization by helping align IT's processes to business objectives. With support for 10 ITIL processes including Incident Management, Service Management and Change Management you can automate your business processes, freeing up IT for more important work and empower your users to self serve.

If you are using ZENworks as your Unified Endpoint Management and Protection tool then your technicians and end users can easily leverage the power of ZENworks without leaving the Service Desk portal. End users can request access to ZENworks resources made available in the Enterprise Store and IT technicians can easily remote control devices and assign and block bundles.


Built on the Micro Focus common appliance framework, ZENworks Service Desk is delivered as a software appliance that makes it easy to deploy on your existing virtualization infrastructure. With a simple getting started guide you'll be up and running in no time. Automated patching makes it easy to keep your system up to date and working its best.

Align IT with the Business


ITIL is a set of processes, practices and procedures that companies use for IT service management. ZENworks Service Desk is a service desk tool that provides 10 ITIL processes to help you better support your organization and align IT to their business goals. This includes incident management for helping you track issues, problem management to identify systemic problems, service management that allows you to request new services, change management to ensure changes are happening in an organized, well-thought out manner, and service level-management to ensure that IT is delivering the expected level of service to the business.

Check out the ZENworks Service Desk Datasheet for more information.


ZENworks Service Desk includes a full Configuration Management Database (CMDB) that is the basis for every request you make. It also maintains relationships between those items so that you can identify the underlying items that make up business services and how an outage or issue with one item may impact a broader business service. This allows you track both IT assets and services and even non-IT assets such as whiteboards, office chairs and more. camera-1284459_640.jpg

Integrated with ZENworks


Your end users demand self-service. They want to help themselves, rather than waiting for IT to help them whenever possible. The ZENworks Store allows you to quickly build an enterprise store of corporate services that can be requested in a self-service manner. Through native integration with ZENworks, Microsoft Active Directory and NetIQ eDirectory you can easily make any application or services available in the end user portal and ensure requests follows business governance policies such as requiring necessarily manager or item owner approvals. 


Because Service Desk is integrated with ZENworks you can easily populate the CMDB with items registered in your ZENworks environment including Workstations, Servers, Mobile Devices, Software and ZENworks Bundles. This means that from day one you'll have any item managed by ZENworks as something you can open a request on, write a knowledge base article about or surface in the ZENworks store. Mobile-3.jpg


GettyImages-180409629_super.jpg End users are using more devices than ever to access your network and your data. With ZENworks Service Desk's native integration with ZENworks your technicians can easily deploy software, block misbehaving software and remote control end user devices to help troubleshoot and resolve common issues without leaving the service desk console.

Easy to Use and Deploy

ZENworks Service Desk is implemented as a software appliance that can be easily deployed on your existing virtualization environment. Simply download the disk image, deploy it to your virtualization host, and then answer a few simple questions. Once it is up and running, you can use a simple web console for additional configuration.  tech-5090539_640.jpg


Mobile-14.jpg With a modern end-user portal that provides a mobile or desktop friendly way to open tickets, provide updates, give approvals, search knowledge base articles and more, your end users will be able to quickly and easily interact with the service desk and even help themselves. And for those who don't want another web page to remember, it also allows tickets to be easily opened, updated and closed by e-mail.

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