New Oracle Enabled Content #ZENworks Reporting Package

Over the holidays I spent some time porting the Content Reporting Package so that it worked on both Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases. The previous version was MS SQL only.  I am pleased to make available to you the new and improved Content Reporting Package with Oracle support. This has all of the same objects and canned reports and dashboardlets as the previous version.  I've tested this against 11.3 and 11.4.1 systems.

With this domain you can answer questions like:

1) What satellite servers have content that hasn't finished syncing yet?

2) What bundle references a given piece of content by GUID or name?

3) What content is provided by a given bundle by GUID or name?

Click here to download the updated domain resource file.

IMPORTANT : The SQL queries required to determine content sync status across servers are CPU intensive, I recommend using these reports off hour or scheduling your reports to do so. Additionally, I would suggest building your views/reports against a smaller non-production database as it can take a few minutes to add new fields when building against a large production database.

To install this on a ZENworks reporting 5.6 server do the following:

1) Browse to the ZENworks Reporting appliance console at https://<server>:9443

2) Login as root with the password you specified during setup.

3) Click ZENworks Reporting Configuration, to bring up the screen shown below:


4) Select Domain Configuration.

5) Click Add. The following is displayed:


6) From the dropdown, select Add domain using resource file.

7) Select the Datasource type (Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server)

In the server address put in the IP or DNS name of your database server.

9) In the Port enter the TCP/IP port your database server is listening on.

10) In the Database name put in either the Oracle instance ID (default is orcl) or the Microsoft SQL database name.

11) Enter a username and password of a database user with read writes to the ZENworks user schema or database.

12) Click Test to confirm your configuration is correct. Once it is successful, click Add.

13) Click OK.

14) Restart the Reporting Services by clicking Restart Services in the upper right hand corner. When this completes the domain should be installed. You can then use the other instructions listed in this document to build reports using it. This document also includes instructions for installing on ZENworks Reporting 5.1.

I hope you find this update useful, especially those of you that are using Oracle as your database platform!



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