Great news and some nifty #ZENworks #Ideas demos!!

A couple of weeks ago I got some awsome news -- we are expanding the ZENworks engineering team!!! This is great news for everyone that's been following the big things we are trying to achieve in the portfolio. To help get the new engineers and testers up to speed we identified a few Ideas from the ZENworks Ideas forum that were low-impact and low risk and had them implement them. So without further adieu, I'm pleased to show you their work:

Idea: Copy / Move Group Members

Idea: Search for Group Members and then allow Remove / Copy Members / Move Members

As you can see in a very short period of time these new folks have been able to turn around some pretty useful stuff. We expect these capabilities will make their way to you in ZENworks 2017 so make sure to stay involved in the Preview, Beta or Lighthouse programs and keep the Ideas coming. We've got a few more folks joining the team soon and I expect we'll pull in a few more Ideas before we're finished getting them up to speed. Unfortunately I can't promise they'll be the ones at the top, simply because this is a learning exercise and we've got to ensure the quality and stability of the release.

Look for a new ZENworks 2017 Preview announcement very soon.


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