Want to Give Your IT Department Superpowers? Try Virtualizing Your Apps


Is your IT department jumping through hoops trying to make sure all of your distributed end users have access to essential applications and services? Your IT team members may be talented, but they’re not superheroes. Packaging, delivering and managing applications in a distributed environment is a difficult process and can eat up valuable time and resources if your staff does not have access to the right endpoint management solutions.

With a virtualized endpoint management solution, however, your IT department can act like superheroes. That’s because a virtualized solution will allow your staff to speed up the time of application deployment and make it easier to manage applications over employee interfaces like laptops and desktops. And since virtualized applications are isolated from the desktop operating system, operational conflicts like application failures and collisions can be easily avoided.

It’s no wonder that, according to Gartner, about two-thirds of businesses now virtualize their server workloads. Here is a look at some specific problems related to application management that businesses commonly face, and how Novell, a leading provider of infrastructure software, can help solve them:

Too many apps, too little time: IT departments often struggle to keep up with the surging demand for application installations, upgrades and patches. For this reason, according to a recent survey, 90 percent of corporate applications end up going unused.

Novell’s ZENworks Application Virtualization solution solves this problem by wrapping business applications and simplifying the process into a “one file, one-click” deployment option. Applications can also be removed with only one click, too.

End-user BYOD demands: Managing mass deployments is hard enough. But when workers start requesting “one-off” applications, the task of installing and maintaining applications can become monumental.

With ZENworks, IT managers can create their own “app store” where end users can pick and choose the apps they need and download them at their convenience.

Application problems: Applications can interfere with other network components, apps and devices, which can cause compatibility errors. This can slow down performance and impact productivity.

ZENworks transforms applications into single executable files, which means nothing gets installed permanently onto an operating system. This reduces the likelihood of system errors and downtime.

Interested in learning more about how Novell can make application virtualization a breeze in your network? Click here.

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