Ten years of Endpoint Management goodness and more to come!

As the Product Line Manager for the Unified Endpoint Management products here at Micro Focus, over the last ten years, I have seen a lot of things happen. I literally started in my role as Product Manager the week after ZENworks Configuration Management 10 shipped. As I am sure many of you will recall that was quite a ride. However, ten years later I am pleased to say ZENworks is better than ever. As a proof point, our most recent customer satisfaction rate was higher than it has ever been, including back in the ZENworks 7 days. This is a testament to our engineering team’s focus on quality, our support team’s dedication to ensuring they are taking care of you, and your continuing support of the product. With the additional focus Micro Focus has put on the portfolio, I think we have a bright future ahead of us

Over the last 2 years we’ve been working hard to transition ZENworks from a PC Lifecycle Management solution to a full-blown Unified Endpoint Management offering. In the last six months, we’ve started to deliver on this transition. It began with the release of Micro Focus Desktop Containers in September of last year. This great solution helps take away inhibitors to staying current on your Windows estate, browser and more. Next, Service Desk 7.3 was released in October providing an easy to use, workflow enabled, store that can be used to enable Self Service in our Unified Endpoint Management solution. Finally, we released ZENworks 2017 which is the core of our Unified Endpoint Management solution, offering tightly integrated management for traditional devices and iOS, Android and ActiveSync devices.

While these are all great releases and moved the ball significantly forward, hold on to your seats because 2017 and 2018 is going to really pick up the pace. We are committed to delivering new value to you on a regular cadence. We’ve just released Micro Focus Desktop Containers 12.1 with some great new capabilities. The new ZENworks Mobile Workspace is a great addition to the Unified Endpoint Management solution, providing simple, secure access to corporate resources from BYOD devices. This is a great way to enable users to access the corporate resources they need without having to worry about burdensome policies, worrying about IT wiping their device, or trying to remember when to use VPN to access corporate web resources.  We've also recently delivered our first update to ZENworks 2017 after only six months, adding key new capabilities such as Apple DEP support and UEFI support for Full Disk Encryption. As we move through this year and next we have several great releases including updates to ZENworks 2017 with support for Android Enterprise, mobile application inventory and more; new releases of Service Desk that introduce our next generation self- service user experience; and more!

In addition to product release, we expect to bring you new training, more community webinars, live events in North America and Europe. We also expect to increase our social media presence and turn up the volume on our marketing. I’d especially make a call out to let us know what webinar’s you’d like to see by submitting and voting on ideas on the Community Webinars Ideas portal!

So to each you -- customers, partners, engineers, sales folks, marketing let me say THANK YOU! We’ve had a great ten years, and I look forward to our next ten years. Micro Focus is heavily invested in the Endpoint Management portfolio and is committed to helping ensure we continue to deliver great products that solve your business challenges!

Thanks for reading!



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