ZENworks in the Cloud focus groups


As we look at the future of ZENworks one of the trends we see strongly is the emergence of cloud based solutions for device management. At present these are pre-dominately Enterprise Mobility Management solutions like Microsoft In-Tune, Airwatch, MobileIron, etc. However with the emergence of Unified Endpoint Management solutions I expect that more than just mobile will need to be available in the cloud.

To that end I would like to speak with those of you that are keen on using ZENworks in conjunction with public clouds such as Azure, AWS, Rackspace, etc. I would like to understand the benefits you see, as well as the expectations and requirements you have for a ZENworks in the cloud solution. This includes all of the Endpoint Management portfolio including ZENworks, Micro Focus Service Desk and Micro Focus Application Virtualization. If you are interested in participating in a small focus group of no more than 10 people from our customer base, I invite you to register for one of our upcoming focus group sessions here. There are three 1 hour sessions with a maximum capacity of 10 each.




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