ZENworks Content Reporting Package

The ZENworks Content Reporting Package is a ZENworks Reporting 5 domain for building custom ZR5 reports and views, a set of approximately 20 predefined ad hoc views and a set of default reports that can be used to obtain information about the content stored in the ZENworks Content Repository.

This domain currently supports only zones that use Microsoft SQL Server as their backend database platform. An updated version will be provided in the future with support for Sybase and Oracle. I encourage you to provide feedback so that any additional requirements can be taken care of as I build out the additional database support.

This version has been tested against both ZENworks 11.2.4 zones and 11.3 zones.

IMPORTANT : The SQL queries required to determine content sync status across servers are CPU intensive, I recommend using these reports off hour or scheduling your reports to do so. Additionally, I would suggest building your views/reports against a smaller non-production database as it can take a few minutes to add new fields when building against a large production database.

To use the ZENworks Content Reporting Package download it from here.

You can review the documentation for the package by download it from here.


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