New #ZENworks Community Technical Webinar recordings now available!

We had another great ZCTW webinar today about the best ways to update software using ZENworks bundles. Oscar Sanchez and the other ZENworks SEs did a marvelous job. You can find the recording for this session here.

Additionally, I realized that I'd forgotten to post the Building bundles with Bundle Commander session that Roel put on for us just before I had to head out to Open Horizons 2016. So I've also posted that session recording here.

I'm also please to announce that my friends in our Training Services organization have created me a landing page where you can find all of our webinars. They've also taken the time to edit them and break them into smaller segments that might be a little more consumable if you've got limited time. You can find that landing page here. The latest ones aren't up yet as I've just sent them over to be edited, but look for them soon.



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