Desktop Containers 20 is coming! Find out what's new


The next major update to Micro Focus Desktop Containers is almost here. I'm pleased to announce the launch webinar on Sept 8, 2020 @ 9:00 AM Mountain Daylight Time. This webinar will introduce you to the new capabilities of Desktop Containers 20 and the new Application Streaming Add-on including:

  • New installation monitoring method for simplified container creation in Studio
  • Full access to the Turbo command line, TurboScripting and the Turbo.Net hub
  • Combined and refreshed Micro Focus Desktop Containers Server and Hub to give your users a more natural way to launch applications
  • New configuration options make Micro Focus Desktop Containers Server a great way to deliver your desktop containers
  •  Stream your desktop containers to Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows and even ChromeBooks with the new Application Streaming add-on
  • In-built application profile management capabilities allow user customization to follow them wherever they go
  • Storage visibility and network controls for containers help improve security and protect your corporate data
  • T: drive support to surface OneDrive and Dropbox corporate storage inside any desktop cotainer

We look forward to seeing you and sharing these exciting developments. Click here to register.



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