ZENworks Mobile Management end of life


ZENworks Mobile Management was our first iteration of a solution for managing your mobile devices. This solution entered the market place approximately 6 years ago and entered existed support just over 2 years ago. In today's market, it's more critical than ever that you have a solution that is able to manage both your traditional computing devices and your mobile devices. Today Micro Focus offers mobile management capabilities in ZENworks Configuration Management, our premiere UEM solution. To allow us to focus our efforts on maintaining and innovating on a single platform the ZENworks Mobile Management product will reach it's end of life on December 31, 2020. This means that no further product updates will be delivered. To ensure that customers have the ability to move forward we will automatically transition your ZMM licenses to ZCM once the end of life is reached and at next renewal the default will be to offer you ZCM maintenance. Unfortunately, due to the mobile platforms switching will mean, re-enrolling your devices in the ZCM system. We have looked for ways to automate this, but found no good solution due to the underlying operating system limitations.

We understand that there are still a few capabilities that have not yet been delivered in ZCM and we recommend that you check out the product feature comparison chart at https://www.microfocus.com/en-us/products/zenworks-configuration-management/features to better understand the differences. If you see features that you are using in ZMM that are yet available in ZCM, please let us know by dropping us a line at zen@microfocus.com. Should you wish to continue forward with an offering based on the ZENworks Mobile Management solution, please reach out to us at the same address and we can discuss other options that may exist to continue on this platform.

While support will be ending, rest assured that our talented support team is here to help you as you make the transition and will continue to provide best effort support as issues arise on your existing ZMM deployment.


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