Count ZENworks better with ZENworks Asset Management 11.4.1


As many of you are aware, in the ZENworks 11SP4 release we added the concept of License Information Sources to ZENworks Asset Management. License Information Sources allow ZENworks Asset Management to get data from sources other than ZENworks Inventory data. For ZENworks 11SP4 this meant that you could quickly and easily link ZENworks to a GroupWise 2014 or OES 11 system. In ZENworks 11.4.1 I'm happy to announce that we're adding ZENworks as a License Information Source. This means that you can quickly and easily add the ability to count your ZENworks licenses with ZENworks Asset Management.

ZENworks License Information Sources can be added for both the local ZENworks zone and external ZENworks zones so that if you have multiple zones you can quickly see your overall license usage across those. To configure ZENworks license counting with ZENworks Asset Management 11.4.1 you can simply do this:

ZENworks is licensed in a user/device manner, as such ZAM displays a view of both the User and Device based licensing so that you can make appropriate licensing choices during your purchase cycle. When recording purchases you need to enter the per-User or per-Device purchase in order for the appropriate information to be displayed, as shown below:


In this dialog, I have recorded a total of 50 Suite licenses. As such you can see that the Entitlement for the ZENworks Suite is the one that I would be interested in for license compliance purposes. However, I can also see the other standalone products that I may have purchased. Suite licenses could cover those purchases, or you could purchase specific standalone licenses for those products.

In addition to the new ZAM capabilities, the web services used to gather this data has also been communicated to the License Verification team at Micro Focus so that their counting tools can be updated to count licenses in a consistent fashion with the ZAM product. This should result in a better auditing experience for ZENworks customers that are using ZAM. Additionally, the GroupWise and OES License information sources also count in a consistent fashion.


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