ZENworks Mobile Management now manages Windows Phone!

Last month we released the ZENworks Mobile Management 3.2 release and yesterday we followed that up with the ZENworks Mobile Management 3.2.1 update. Unfortunately, I've been quite busy and haven't had enough free cycles to introduce you all to the fact that starting with 3.2 we can now manage Windows Phone 8.1 devices as well as Windows 10 devices using the MDM agent built into the platform. On the Windows 10 side this is not meant to be a full replacement for the ZCM product, but rather offers a lightweight solution for Windows 10 BYOD devices. As we move forward and bring mobile management capabilities into ZENworks Configuration Management expect us to offer a full range of options for managing Windows 10 that are tightly integrated.

In order to manage Mobile Devices with ZENworks in a push fashion you've got to do a bit of heavy lifting because of the way Microsoft has implemented things. The video below shows you the process that has to be done to configure the ZENworks Mobile Management server to support Windows Phone and Windows 10 devices:

You can find the MS documentation about this here. No, this is not a ZENworks specific thing, unfortunately this is the way Microsoft has implemented for MDM customers to allow push notification to their devices. My apologies for the complexity.

Once you've successfully configured the Windows settings now you are ready to enroll your device. Similar to the iOS platform, the Windows Phone platform already contains an MDM agent that ZENworks communicates with to enforce policies, retrieve statistics, etc. To enroll your Windows Phone 8.1 device you can do the following:

  1. If you are using a locally issued certificate, such as one issued by your eDirectory or Active Directory CA certificate, you need to first install this certificate to the device. You can skip this step if your certificate was issued by a publicly trusted CA.

  • Go to Settings > Accounts  > Work or School on Windows 10 or Settings > System > Workplace on Windows Phone 8.1. You should now see a screen like this one:    


  • Enter your email address, if you have configure Autodiscovery enabled you will then be asked to provide your password; otherwise you will need to specify both the Server's DNS address and the password as shown below:


  • This will create a device in the dashboard and register the device to listen to the MDM server. If everything is successful you will get a message showing that your device has been successfully enrolled with the MDM server.

You should now see your device in the ZENwork dashboard as shown below:


With the device properly registered you can now create a Windows Devices policy that will control the MDM settings on the device. The screen below shows the Windows Phone policy that has been implemented in ZENworks Mobile Management 3.2.1.


Over the next several releases of the ZENworks Mobile Management product we will expand the capabilities for Windows MDM. Additionally, we'll be looking to surface similar capabilities in updates to ZENworks 2016 product line as we begin to merge the capabilities of ZENworks Configuration Management and ZENworks Mobile Management together. Hope you like what you see!


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