Not using #ZENworks should be, here's how!

ZENworks Reporting is a great solution for creating compelling reports and dashboards against ZENworks and other products in the Endpoint Management portfolio. I've talked to many of you and have been disappointed to find out that many of you haven't implemented ZENworks Reporting and aren't able to report on important things like bundle delivery status, policy enforcement status, patch management, and more.

The feedback I often get is that there isn't enough information out there on how to use ZENworks Reporting, so it just doesn't get used. To help address this problem, I've created a set of videos that shows the capabilities of the product and how to use it. I hope you find these useful in helping you understand the value and get started. If you have specific things you'd like to know more about with ZENworks Reporting, drop me a line and I can do additional videos as needed. Also we've got a new version coming at the beginning of 2017 that adds some really cool new dashboarding and visualization capabilities.


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