New ZENworks Patch Management Training available


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If you've been following our recent releases, you'll know that in ZENworks 2020 we made a significant investment in ZENworks Patch Management. This includes new capabilities for identifying, tracking and remediating the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) that impact your environment, based on the patches available in our subscription. This has led to many new customers implementing or evaluating the ZENworks Patch Management capabilities.

Today I'm pleased to announce the new ZENworks Patch Management 2020 for Administrators course. This on demand course helps you understand what ZENworks Patch Management is, the technology behind it, how to properly implement it and best practices associated with using the solution to keep your endpoint estate patched to prevent compromises and ensure you are using the latest software.

I would like to put a big shout out to Bob Reynolds who developed the content based on his years of experience as a ZENworks consultant and pre-sales engineer and Chris Grayson who helped with the production and design of the material. This course also includes a specialist exam that went passed awards you an Acclaim badge.


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