How to get ConsoleOne running on Vista using Application Virtualization


One of our clients needed to get C1 working on Vista and not having to remote into an admin PC every time they wanted to do GroupWise admin work.

How to get C1 running on Vista using Application Virtualization

  • Create a Virtual PC of Windows XP (with the latest Novell client)

  • Start ZAV and take a snapshot of the virtual PC

  • Download and install Console1 (version 1.3.6h)

  • Add any snapins that you need (GroupWise, ZEN)

  • Then select "Capture and Diff" to complete the snapshot

  • Clean the snapshot up by removing any files/directory not needed and all registry entries as this is not needed

  • Build the Virtual app and name it accordingly ( i.e. V_C1_GW.exe)

  • Copy the virtual app to another location or USB drive.

Install the latest copy of NWClient for Vista then make the following changes to the registry

  • Change: MajorVersion to 4

  • Change: Minor version to 91

You can now run C1 on Vista with all your snapins. This should work with any App virtualization program (not tested yet).



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