ZEN Application Association Reporting Utility

download url: http://www.devboats.co.uk/idmphp/zappassc/zappassc.zip
home page url: http://www.devboats.co.uk/idmphp/zappassc/index.html

A php script to report all Application Associations for users under a given Organizational Unit

This scripts were written for a ZENworks 7 to ZENworks 10 migration. It's intended to report all Zen 3 to 7 application objects that are associated to users under a given OU, whether directly, by a group object or by an Organizational Unit. It would be useful for any need to report app object usage.

The output is a csv file, with a separate line for each user/application object/association so it can be sorted or processed as required.

The fields are:- User DN,User Name,App Title,App DN,Association and Association DN. Association is the only field not contained in eDirectory, and says whether the application object is associated with the user object, a group, or the users organizational unit.


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