ZENworks 11.2 Mac OS X Tools #2 : NALmac Script


The ZENworks agent on OS X workstations includes the ZENworks Window (Known to pre-ZEN-10 greybeards as NAL for "Novell Application Launcher"). However, unlike the Windows agent, the Mac agent does not include an application that can start the Launcher in a GUI way (either by double-clicking or as a Startup item). This little package provides that GUI.

The "application" is just a short compiled AppleScript with the ZEN icon. It requires that the ZENWorks OS X agent already be installed. The script is almost identical to the Launcher script for Linux, with some minor alterations.

There are four files included in NALmac.zip:

  1. This readme.txt

  • "ZENworks Window.app" which is the compiled script, ready to run.

  • NALmac_script.txt which contains the simple AppleScript code, for those who might like to improve on it (which would not be hard).

  • NALmac.pkg, which is a simple package installer to put a copy of the application in /Applications/ZENWorks Cool Tools/ if you want to deploy it en masse.

Please let me know about your experience with this little tool, and how it might be improved.



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