ZfD Open Files 2.0


Ever want to find out which user has a file open on the server? You want them to exit, but they aren't there to close the file for you. If you are running in a ZfD environment, then this is for you! Just right click the file and all the users that have the file open will be displayed. Just double click and you are remote controlling the workstation that has the file open.

ZENworks for Desktops 3 and up.
Novell Client32 installed.
ConsoleOne installed on locally.
Console rights to the server.

If you have limited rights to the tree or server, this tool may not work for you.

Updated Version 2.0:

Note: I have had some issues making it work: in the RemAgent.INI the AUTHENTICATION_MODE needs to manually be set to DS, not the default PASSWORD.

ZfD Open Files that will now work if you browse thru the directory or a Directory Map object.

Must have the latest Client32 installed.

Thanks to Sven Giermann and his help in testing this update.


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