ZENworks 11.2 Mac OS X Tools #5 : OS X Launch Bundle Creator

This simple script can be used to create ZCM Launcher Bundles for a single application or for every application on a Mac OS X workstation. It is very simple -- launch, pick an application or folder, and then import the resulting import files into a ZENworks Primary Server. The resulting Launcher Bundles will not only start applications, they also require that the application be present on the workstation and include a high-quality icon for the application as well.

Full instructions are included in the script itself. If you need to support Macs but don't have a lot of time, then this script can cut down your workload tremendously.

Thanks to the following article by Oliver vorm Walde for giving me the idea to use zman batch execute: ZCM - Import and Export of Policies and Bundles

Let me know your mileage with this script via comments.

home page url: http://jlodom.org


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