ZENworks 11.2 Mac OS X Tools #4 : Simple Package for ZAA Deployment


Jason Blackett posted instructions for creating an OS X package to install the ZENworks Adaptive Agent at https://www.novell.com/communities/coolsolutions/building-mac-os-x-package-install-zenworks-112-adaptive-agent/

My tool refines Jason's instructions in two ways:

  1. It uses WhiteBox software's Packages application, which is much easier to download and install than XCode / PackageMaker.

  • Most of the work is done for you -- You only need to install Packages, download your own copy of the Adaptive Agent binary installer, and then run the "Build" command from packages. Voila! Instant installer.

Everything you need, including more detailed instructions, is included with the zip file attached to this posting. Happy deployment!



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