Roaming Profile for Microsoft Vista in ZENworks 10 Configuration Management


By P Silpa

Note: This Cool Solution is only valid on ZCM 10.0.x - it will not work for 10.1.x

In ZENworks Configuration Management, Roaming profile is not working on Microsoft Vista. The Microsoft Windows Group policy in Microsoft Vista provides settings for roaming profile. This is a computer level setting. All the users logging into the device will get roaming profile. ZENworks allows you to configure roaming profile separately for each user.


Step 1:

  1. On the server where the profile has to be shared, create a folder and share it with everyone by granting all permissions.

  • Create individual subfolders for each roaming user in the format <username>.V2

For example, if you want to save profiles on, create a folder called "profile". Share it and give all permissions to everyone. Let say user1, user2 and user3 have to be roaming. Then create folders user1.V2, user2.V2 and user3.V2 in "profile" folder. Now the path to be entered for "Set roaming profile path for all users logging into this computer" will be: \\\profile\%USERNAME%

Step 2:

Use ZCM 10 group policy to achieve Roaming profile functionality on Vista.

Steps to create the group policy:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Policies tab.

  • In the Policies list, click New, then click Policy to display the Select Policy Type page.

  • Select Windows Group Policy, click Next to display the Define Details page, then fill in the fields:

    Policy Name: Provide a name for the policy.

    Folder: Type the name or browse to and select the ZENworks Control Center folder.

    Description: Provide a short description of the policy's content.

  • Click Next to display the Windows Group Policy Settings page, then use the options to specify the settings.

  • Enable "Local Group policy" radio button.

  • Click "Configure" button.

  • Wait till gpedit opens.

    In gpedit window navigate to "Local Computer Policy->Computer Configuration->administrative Templates->System->User Profiles" and set the following settings:
    1. Add the Administrators security group to roaming profiles : Enable

  • Set roaming profile path for all users logging into this computer :\\Server_name\Shared_path\%USERNAME%


    Click to view.

  • Close gpedit window.

  • Click on "Upload" button.

  • Check "Computer Configuration"

  • Enable "Apply all settings".

  • Click Next to display the Summary page.

  • Select "Define Additional Properties".

  • Assign the policy to the users who have to have roaming profile on Vista machines.

Let's assume that the policy is assigned to user2 and user3 alone. When user1 logs into the Microsoft Vista managed device, the user will get the local profile and not the roaming profile. And when user2 or user3 logs in, the user will get roaming profile.


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