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ZAPP - Pin to Start displays error message

I have been testing the Pin to Taskbar, Start Menu, and Desktop settings.

Windows 10 allows the end user to pin to Start Menu, Desktop, and the Taskbar. While Windows 7 only allows the end user to pin to the Desktop and the Taskbar.

When trying to utilize the Pin to Start Menu on Windows 10, we receive the following error: "Pin_Failed_StartMenuTiles (Bundle Name)". After clicking OK to the error, the shortcut is still added to the start menu.

The ZENworks log file states: [MetroStartMenuFolderingHandler] [] [EXCEPTION in AddItemMetroStartMenuThread with message-pin/unpin failed with message Verb confirmation check failed.]

I verified that this happens on a fresh install of the Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2016 without group policies, applocker, etc.

I know these features are supposed to be experimental, but is everyone else getting these same results?

Brandon Wise