ZCM 23.4 and HP 450 G8 Laptop no PXE linux boot


my customer has 23.4 installed and the pxe linux environment.

All devices can be imaged without the Hp 450 G8 Laptop. But the newer version HP 450 G9 is working well.

The error is:

Loading: efi/x86_64/linux

Error: loader/i386/efi/linux.c:120:can’t allocate initrd.

Any ideas for this?


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    I would suggest a Service Request to see if you can obtain updated Linux Kernel files if you want to boot this PC using Linux.


    Alternately, use WinPE to boot these PCs.  WinPE could be done for just these PCs with every other device still using LinuxPE.  This could be used as a stepping to move to WinPE overall which will have far better hardware compatibility, allow for easy self-service of adding drivers and related items to the boot environment directly from the hardware vendors website, the ability to use the same Imaging Commands in WInPE as used in LinuxPE, support for new imaging options not available in LinuxPE, make customized imaging commands easier since most customers know batch scripts, powershell more better than BASH scripts, etc....

    While there may be some effort involved in getting in-place processes updated....in the long run it will likely pay off with reduced hardware compatibility issues as well as the ability to use more industry-standard methods for imaging.  Microsoft has been trying to deprecate the "SYSPREP" method for years which is the only method easily done using LinuxPE.  Even if you stick with SYSPREP for WinPE....it gives you a base to start testing more current imaging methods.


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    Hello Craig,

    the solution is to reduce the size of the allocated ram for the video grafic card. The same as 20 years ago....