Blank icons on desktop started recently

This is only affecting one desktop so far.  Last thread I could find was 6 and 13 years ago, so figured I would start a new one.

We updated to 23.4 over the winter break.  User said it started a week or so ago, so it was working fine.

I tried a zac cc, zac ref, and a zac retr.  He said it will be fine after a restart for a period of time, then disappear again.  This is on one desktop, but not a huge deal, yet.

Any ideas?

Windows 10 22H2 or 23H2 on some.  Not sure on this one.

i5-8500, 16GB, Dell XE3

ZCM 23.4 (I need to check his agent version to be sure.  We have started upgrading some teachers to 23.4 from 20.3)