Deleting old system updates? Sudu does not work

There was a thread about this earlier, but abandoned... So I have this:

zenworks:/var/opt/novell/zenworks/content-repo/system-update # ls -l
total 8
drwxr-xr-x 15 zenworks zenworks 4096 Oct 23 2019 5017040000fc50000000002019011514
drwxrwxr-x 14 zenworks zenworks 4096 May 24 2021 5020000000fc50000000002019100412

When I try:

zman sudu 5017040000fc50000000002019011514 --force

It tells me the update is deleted, but it is not, unfortunately. How do I detete them?

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    They should clear up on their own over the next day with background processes.

    If it's urgent because your server is out of space......and re-running the SUDU command tells you the SU does not should be safe to delete those files manually.

    We sometimes need to do that when for whatever reason they do not get cleaned up.

    Most likely with the following action:

    zman ql --type="content.cleanup" (it will probably show running at Midnight.)

    zman ql -s="N" will show a list of all pending. (Tip...Don't use "S" to see scheduled....The list will be too long and take a long time to generate....)

    Looking at the list returned by "N", you can then use the "--type" to get data about past and future events around that schedule.

    However, I would suggest being patient unless the space is urgently needed.


    If short on space.....Also can the file system for any "HPROF".  These are dump files created when a ZENworks Java process crashes.  If they old they can be deleted.  If they are recent and there multiple for the same process....then you likely want to save and open a ticket.  If recent and just one...maybe save it someplace in case it happens again.


    Check various "TMP" folders for "zip" files where "zman sui" may have been used to import a System Update....which can be many GBs.


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  • Thanks Craig. No I am in no hurry so I will wait a few days and also expand the disks somewhat, especially the one that hold vastorage. I will then cleanup and try to get this 2020 server upgraded to a later version.