Imaging and User State Migration Tool Automation

This has been on my list of things to get going, but keeps getting pushed off.  I have a little downtime so would like to tackle this again.  We're going to do a bunch of machine swaps over the summer and would like to automate the migration process a little.  I assume I can make a bundle to pull the profile, and then have a bundle to restore the profile, but how would I basically:

1. Backup profile

2.  Re-image machine

3.  Restore the profile

Is there a walkthrough anywhere about this process?  Even if I need to have end user run some bundles and not FULLY automate it, as least that would save us from having to copy files later.  We also might redirect a few more folders besides Documents, but looking at options to make things like this a little easier/smoother.  We're on ZCM 23.4 and using WinPE Imaging with ENGL in the mix.

Optional: Upgrade to Windows 11 in this process, as well.