ZENworks 2020.2 APNS Certificate Question - Renewal

Hello all. I centralized my ZENworks Server last year on ZENworks Appliance 2020.2. I also have 2 satellite servers. I also use the built-in MDM Services. Since the server is Centralized now, and since I am using one Centralized APNS Cert for ALL iPads, this certificate must get renewed on time before expiration so that communication with all the enrolled devices continues. In the past, I would forget about this certificate or it would seem there was not enough tiome for all devices to get the new certificate, and then have to re-enroll the devices that missed getting the new certificate. This year I want to be prepared so that ALL devices get it. The Centralized APNS Certificate Expires on March 21, 2024:

If I renew the APNS Certificate Ahead of time, let's say today, Do all the iPads with the current APNS Certificate have until March 21, 2024, to get the new renewed APNS Certificate?  As well, is there any special, outside of Communication on the wireless the iPads have to do to get the updated certificate? Outside of a refresh cycle? Thanks in advance.