Prevent reinstall ZEN Bundle if changing it

It would be better generally if one can keep the version if change bundle. For prevent an reinstall.

For example you want rename a setup...exe or msi but you don't want to reinstall it an all clients.

Please make it choosable, like in early ZEN versions.

Now we start with ZEN only a scipts on an share. So we can change the script with out neu bundle version.
But this is a bad workaround for compansation this ZEN weak.


  • Suggested Answer

    We do this by setting a requirement on the main step in the installation sequence of the bundle. For example the step that is running setup.exe we set the requirement (last tab) to run it only if the installed program executable (.exe) is not present or if the Version of the executable is lower than... That way you can safely increase the bundle version. The installation runs on all the clients doing nothing if the executable is already there.