ZAC zc -l vs. ZCM WebUI

I do a zac zc -l from a PC and get two hosts for each Role: COLLECTION, CONTENT, CONFIGURATION and three for AUTHENTICATION.

But in ZCC - Configuration/Closest Server Default Rule there are for each role three hosts configured.

Is this OK> Or may this leads to a problem?


  • Do you have any custom locations configured ?


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    This is not a problem......I also presume all the servers in the default rule are Primary Servers.

    I generally recommend against having a satellite server in the Default Rule unless that Satellite is in a Central DataCenter to be used by everyone.  Generally that is not the case and those are primaries.  Most satellites are located in remote locations.  The biggest goof I have seen is when customers add Remote Satellites to the Default Rule.

    Never Select the Checkbox to add "New and Modified Satellite Servers" to the Rule by Default.  This can result in Satellites getting added to remote locations so that your PCs in NYC pull content from Seattle.  Preferably the Default Rule should list the servers it is "OK" or "Not a Problem" for any or all of your devices to use.

    In the Example Pictures above.....Any PC in NYC would first use the Satellite Server Defined in the NYC Location....Then since the "Exclude Checkbox" is unchecked, it will also inherit the Default Rule and get any Primary Servers listed in the Default Rule.  If I ever add/remote a will autoflow to all locations setup like this w/o needing to manage them manually.

    Some Prefer to his thi "Exclude Box" just so that servers accidentally added to the default rule do not accidentally flow to different locations.  The last thing someone wants is a PC in NYC using a SAT in Seattle.  Using Exclude help prevents the accidental flow of servers....but adds a little extra work if you ever add/remove a primary since it will need to be added to each location.

    It is important to always have at least one configuration server for every location....If a device accidentally falls into a location that does not have a primary server, fixing locations in the ZCC will not recover the devices communications, because it will not try to talk to any servers to learn of the change.  This used to be up to debate and recall discussing this topic with a large customer while on site with the person in charge of ZENworks.  The customer started having an issue where no PCs in One City could get any content for any bundles.  After a quick investigation, we discovered the Networking Group changed the IP Address ranges for the PCs so they fell into ~Unknown!~.  Luckily they had a Configuration server in ~unknown~ which is something devices were only supposed to fall into if off the corporate network and would not have access to any primary server.  I simply helped them update the location rules for that city and everything was working again very easily.  If the ~unknown~ location they fell into had no primaries..A human would have had to visit each device to fix them.  

    So in summary....There are two things that can be "Bad" with locations....

    #1 - Having Servers you do not want everyone to possibly use in the Default Rule so that PCs in one location go to another....if the exclude box is unchecked by design or accident.  (Check or Unchecked is fine....)

    #2 - Having a Location w/o any Confiugration Servers....Because if a device falls into there due to a logic or networking change that is not expected to ber there....getting the device talking again will be a pain.


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