Connect to database with Audit Script for ZENworks

Hello Everybody Slight smile

I'm writing a python script to audit ZENworks.
The aim is to store arguments when calling the script to launch audit processes. For example:
- List sets with their creation + modification date
- List assignments on sets with their types
- List confioguration for zone and folder refreshes if modified.

There are several other things I want to do with it Wink

But I'm having trouble connecting to the database. The Appliance linux are in SLES 12 SP5 and I can install python 3.4 via the SUSE repositories. I also need to install modules for the database.

With some infrastructures this is complicated because the network is filtered and the servers don't go out on the Internet.

So I said to myself "the zenworks servers connect to the database to write configurations and read them"! So why not use the server's connection to launch my consultation requests?

Does anyone have any idea how to do this?