Hide bundles if user is not logged in on ZCM-Agent

Hello Community

I have the following challenge.

I have an OU where various users are logged on to ZCM, but others are denied to login to the ZCM Agent. In this case the ZCM agent is then also displayed in grey.

How can I make sure that if the user is not logged on to the ZCM agent, these bundles are not displayed in the zapp window?

  • The official way would be to assign the Bundles to the Users and not the Device.


    While I've never actually done it, You should be able to set a SYSREQ for the Registry Key "ConsoleUserName" to exist on a bundle.  This only exists if a user is logged into ZCM.  I'm not sure if there would be timing issues such as the Key is not there when ZCM checks system requirements.  If you had a timing issue then something such as tweaking the Delayed Refresh from 300-360 down to something like 15-20 would likey avoid that.  The long delay is no longer necessary....It's an old default from when ZENworks Refreshes were very inefficient ages ago.


    I could do something with ZESM so the Device has a ZESM Policy to Prevent ZAPP.exe from running, but a User Assigned Policy Permitted it.  Thus ZAPP could only run if logged into ZCM.  Again....It would take testing as I've never tried this since traditionally all this is handled via how assignments are made.


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