Device search reports device in wrong folder


perhaps only cosmetic but (at least) one device is reported to be in a other folder than it is

If I search for the device it is found in /devices/servers but if I open the device from search or browse to it, it's is located in a sub folder of /devices/server

Any suggestion how to fix this?


  • Suggested Answer

    I've never seen what you describe....

    I presume in your example....

    If you clicked on Win2016Hub, it would open the Device Folder /Devices/Servers/North Polle even though the Device Column said /Device/Servers not /Device/Servers/NorthPole like Win-JKDN7F9OTBT?

    I've never seen that myself......

    Random ideas....

    If the device was moved recently, you could try Incognito Mode on your Browser or Restarting the server to clear any bad Cache on the Server.

    Perhaps Create a Device folder under where the server now sits....and move the device there.  If it updates properly...let it sit for another 5-10 minutes and then move it back.  Maybe some field in some table was not properly updated upon its last move and this may fix things.  

    Again....I'm just tossing out ideas with no clue if it would help.  Definiltely nothing on the agent side that could fix it....Unless you unregistered and re-registered it so the device was actually deleted and recreated.  If you try THAT....I would leave it unregistered for 5-10 minutes to allow all related items for the device to delete.


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