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Add Workstation groups to Bundle requirements

Status: Waiting for Votes

Waiting for Votes

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Currently, if you want a bundle not to run on specific devices, you would have to use the "Specified Devices" requirement. If you have more then 15-20 devices this becomes quicly unclear and time cosuming. You also have to change the bundle each time you need to add/remove devices.
It would be handy to be able to use a group as a requirement as well. You would only have to change the group when needed to add/remove devices.
  • Still no movement on this one?  This would be a great addition!  Especially considering I have bundles that have two tasks - Task A needs to be applied to all workstations except 1-10.  Task B needs to be applied to workstations 1-10.  It is a hassle having to enter all 10 workstations into the requirements for each task.  So much simpler if I could just assign those 10 workstations to a group and then use the group for the task requirements.  Then I KNOW the requirements are aligned with each other.

  • When are we going to get this????  So simple but would be very useful!!!

  • Really simple and long overdue using the Filter Specified devices, you should be able to add workstation groups and dynamic groups.

    Otherwise you are left to pushing a reg key on the basis og group membership, and then using the filter for checking for reg key existence/value - which is not very elegant...

  • I've been in on this times and times again! It's simply missing! One has to provide lots of workarounds to overcome the lack of this feauture. Or you're resigning just knowing that the day will come you will forget about the workstation referenced in THAT special bundle only... Afraid of the results this will produce...
  • And in addition to the built-in ZCM groups, add AD Computer Groups as well !