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History of User "logged into devices" in the past

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Dear Sir / Madame,

If I am in the ZCM Console and find a certain person, I can see into which devices this person is logged into. So far no news. A few months ago I had the following issue: a manager forgot his laptop and left it in the airplane. Yes, its not clever but things happen....
The next day he reclaimed his device by the flying operator and got the question “if you can tell the serial number then we are 100% sure that you are the owner” So I got the question: give me the serialnumber..... I found the user in ZCM and saw that there was nothing standing at “devices logged into”

Request: is it possible to create something like “this person has logged in the passed in the following devices”. This would have made my life easier.

Kind regards,
William Biemans
Wuppermann Staal Nederland BV
Tel: +31 (0)168 357190


  • We are requested this info many time. I would like to see this added in a future release.
  • I have been all through Auditing and find nothing that mentions "Zenworks agent logins". Closest thing I can find is auditing ZCC logins, which is not the same thing. ZENworks should be able to track the last X users/workstations separate from the Audit database. I would like to be able to set X to a number of my chosing.
  • You can of course enable Audit logging of Zenworks agent logins.
  • I myself, have had a number of requests to see both a user login history and a workstation login history. It would be wonderful to have both of these back. As that the ZCM knows where each user is currently logged in at and who is currently logged into any given workstation, being able to keep a configurable length history is not something that is insurmountable. On the contrary, it should have never been taken away to begin with. Due to legal reasons and/or corporate policies, I wonder how many organizations have been forced to drop ZENworks in favor of the competition because of changes like this. In some situations, keeping a login history of users and machines is mandatory if not outright mandated. While in my current situation, in regards to where we are using ZENworks, we are not forced to keep such records yet, it only takes a bill to be passed and those networks will be forced to abandon ZENworks if these former features (amongst others) do not return before that happens.
  • Back in Zen For Desktops 4, you could look at a user object and see their workstation history. Likewise, you could look at a workstation object and see the user logon history. Yet another feature taken away for some unknown reason. We use to look up users and see their workstation history all the time. We miss that feature and would be used frequently if it returned to ZENworks 11.