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Update ZCM Agent Update or Bundle execution on shutdown

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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It would be very useful to schedule the ZCM-Agent update on System shutdown like Windows Update behavior.
So users work is not disturbed.
It would also be nice to start Bundles when PC is shutdown to perform updates or installations of Software.


Install & Upgrade
  • Note that you already can assign a schedule triggering on a user's logout event. Not sure if this will defer an ordered shutdown until a bundle installation / launch has completed, though.
  • There's also no schedule for doing the Agent Update on shutdown - which I find very usefull if it does exist (because of the long time an Agent Update Need).
  • I just don't get it why software vendors don't see that for many computers, the best time for doing maintainance (like installing updates) is shutdown. In fact even Microsoft has started leaving that path. Up to Windows 7, there was this nice "update and shutdown" button, which was removed in Windows 8.1. What Microsoft never had was to trigger that automatically, a remote shutdown or a shutdown triggered from command line never made that happen. ZENWorks never had that feature as far as I know. Apart from servers and smartphones (and maybe some exceptions like computers in hospitals or something), every computer there is will normally be started and shutdown once a (working) day. And guess what, the only time when there will definitely be no interference with users is during the shutdown process. The user has decided to shut their computer down (or left it unattended thus allowing a remote/automatic shutdown), so it doesn't matter to them if the computer is slow for half an hour, 1 hour or even two hours. In contrast, installation of bundles while a user is logged on will always annoy users unless they're at a very powerful computer which can handle updates with no noticable decrease in speed (and let's be honest, how many computers are there which can fulfil that requirement?). Furthermore, even on a fast machine, a user might still want to start just the bundle which is being updated in the background. Well, bad luck, they have to wait until the install is finished. In contrast, if updates happen during the shutwon process, users prbably won't ever know their admin ever deploys updates, apart maybe from seeing a new version number the next day when they start their updated bundle. Please, Novell, make it happen, it shouldn't even be a major issue to write the code for that.