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Manage, Secure, and Protect Your Endpoints with ZENworks 2020 Update 3

Today's endpoint management users are demanding more and the threats to your devices and data are at an all-time high. Staying current isn't a fashion statement. It's a necessity.

Depending on your current version, upgrading to the latest ZENworks release can mean up to 100+ game-changing enhancements. Your organization can find new ways to control costs, boost productivity, secure your endpoints, and protect your data. Here are just a few highlights of the latest ZENworks 2020 Update 3:

  • On-demand content streaming to ensure that applications get the content they need
  • Next-generation Patch Management for faster scanning, improved  patch scan performance, simplified patch content management, and extended patch library
  • Increased security for ZENworks Primary Servers
  • More than 20 Customer-requested enhancements


Master your upgrade with the right Support
Maybe you're handling the upgrade on your own but want a little help. Contact our Customer Support team by chat, phone, or service requests. You can also access the different ZENworks documentation sites, support forums, patch downloads, and more via the drop-down menu here.

Need some reinforcements? Our Micro Focus Premium Support plan enhances your Micro Focus Business Support with ongoing problem resolution, technical guidance, and strategic support—all from a team of named and dedicated software experts and account managers.

Or if you just need some short-term support, Micro Focus Flexible Credits give you access to upgrade resources, on-site troubleshooting, assessments, and even e-learning.

Contact our Support Representatives to find out how we can support you.

Partner Up to Handle Upgrades

We know you want the latest product innovations but might not want to spend time on upgrades. A software upgrade is not only an opportunity to benefit from the latest product innovation, but also evaluate your long-term strategy for operating the solution either on-premises or cloud.

Micro Focus Partners are a great resource with comprehensive offerings for ZENworks upgrades, they are all certified with extensive skills and many years of proven experience. Contact your current partner if you are looking for ZENworks upgrade assistance or find list of partners that we have pre-selected for you here.

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