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How can generate the report including local printer, network printer & server print queue ?


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    So there are TWO issues.

    #1 - ONLY Printers where the SYSTEMNAME from the WMI query shows the local computer, will the Printer be collected in Inventory.  This means anything that uses a Printer Share, Printer Queue, and other similar methods will not be listed in Inventory and would be expected reasons above.

    #2 - LPR Printers, however, WILL appear in Inventory.  Tom's Printer is an example of a Network Printer that appears as installed locally and will be collected by inventory.  However, for these Printers, the "PORT" is NOT collected.

    It appears this has likely never worked in the History of ZCM.  I can tell this because the "PORT" field in the Database is only 6 characters in size, so it never would have been possible to populate this data and they never shrink field sizes.

    The Port info, however, is also not collected by the collector looking at log files.

    So to get this working both the Collector AND the Database would need to be altered.  

    DB changes are only made during Major Updates such as ZENworks 20.4, 20.5 etc....

    ZCM 20.4 (Technically called 23.3) is getting ready for release and is closed to any new fixes.

    ZCM 205 (Most Likely 24.1 or 24.2) would be the first possible release where we could collect this data.

    I did make a ticket for this (OCTIM40D614009) , but I have no clue if Development will consider this as broken.

    It appears the collector is intentionally discarding ports that are not expected things such as LPT, etc....

    So for now....It is not possible to get the PORT  on an LPR Printer, but maybe that could be addressed.

    I do not ever see picking up Printer Shares.


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