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Device IP change history

How can I tie the device history of the user login/name to the IP address from that login timestamp?

I can setup ZEN reports that have device history of user login names/dates/times, but I need to tie it to the IP address at that date/time. There is an IP Address field available but it is always blank. 

Does anyone have this type of reporting, with IP address history, available in ZEN reporting?



  • I think I may have found this - we were not tracking all our inventory history changes on immediate refresh. I had to change my ZCM > Configuration > Inventory Schedule > Scan schedule from monthly to recurring when device is refreshed. Then in Zenreport I can use Inventory > Device Change History > Change Date, Change New Value, Changed Field (along with Inventory > General Device Attributes for Machine name). Then I filter for Changed Field = ipaddress and loginName, and a filter for Machine Name = (the machine I'm looking for). It's now showing me the IP address and Login name for each time that changes. I am only getting data as of today since I changed those settings, and it's not exactly what I want, but it's closer.