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Zenworks report

In my network I have some PCs with Office 2016 and Office 2000 installed. I need to find these computers but when I do a search with the zenworks report, it

does not find any computer that meets the requirements. I search for product name Office Professional Plus 2016 and Office Professional 2000 both. Separatly It works.

Some sugestions?
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    If you use the ZCC, this TID may give you a GUIDE.

    The issue you are running into is that the Queries end up not working like your mind works.

    In short, the Comparison is being done for "Each Software Entry" and not a holistic view.

    So a PC does not have any "SINGLE" piece of software that is BOTH "Office 2000" and "Office 2016".

    In this KB, it walks you through solving this by creating multiple reports and using the "In Report" Function.

    The First Report would be all Devices that have Office 2000.

    The Second Report would look for Devices that have Office 2016, but it would only search for the devices returned in the first report.


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  • Thank you!, I´m going to try it.