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ZRS/ZCM/postgres programatically pulling information?

Is there a way to programmatically pull asset information?  I think the best thing i've found is: GitHub - thewabbit0/ZenworksSOAP: Zenworks SOAP proxy classes for use with Powershell.

My other thoughts attempting to find a way through the posgres data base.


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    If you build a custom report in ZRS, you can export the SQL used for the report.

    Then use SQL to export the data you need for whatever purpose.  You can also just schedule the reports to run which may do what you need.

    It is also possible to export the SQL from ZCC Inventory reports as well, but I would need to look up that process again if you wanted to do that as it's not a GUI method like ZRS 


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  • That sounds great, if it's easy enough for you to look up that would be awesome, otherwise i'll likely dig in a few weeks.  But I greatly appreciate you showing the path!