advanced ZPM scan & return incorrect data

My ZPM Server is 23.4 and transfer ZPM fnction from legacy to advanced ZPM.

recently customer response , some win2022 devices patch list could not list edge version 120.0.2210.122/133 patch.

These devices's edge version from 116.x ~120.0.2210.62/91 version.

no matter that admin scan much time...these devices still return same patch list. at the same time. admin try to install edge 120.0.2210.133 to these version by using patch policy. it seem work to try install. but edge still keep the same version without update to new version.

I try to rename zpm folder on these devices then re-run DAU agent to recreate zpm folder again.

after analy zpm report generate & send to zpm ....these device patch list show the latest edge version. and the edge patch policy that I crated yet. deploy it could install well and return "patched" well.

the procedure only one key point that I regenerate zpm folder...I do not know which file or record stuck / incorrect to cause report record not completed/incorrect ...the incorrect patch record also affect patch policy install edge.

Who has similar experience about zpm folder recreated ??



  • Did you happen to get a zeninfo before removing the folder and when you were seeing the issue?  If so, can you please open a new support case and upload the zeninfo to the case?    Deleting the .state file and scanstatus.json then running patch scan will force reevaluation of the device on the backend but you sholdn't need to do that.  The only other thought was that the was old but again you shouldn't need to delete to get it updated, so having more inforation about the state of the failing agent (zeninfo) would help.  If you did get that, then maybe also get a zeninfo from after you fixed to compare.

    thank you

  • HI

        This issue has been tested repeatedly
    On the host where the problem occurs, no matter how many times DAU Scan is executed, the same incorrect data is uploaded.
    When the administrator executes rename folder and executes DAU Scan again to generate a new zpm folder...the data uploaded by the client will be normal. If you temporarily change the originally renamed Folder back at this time (of course, the new zpm folder will be renamed first), it will be normal no matter how the client executes DAU Scan...


  • Hi, I'd like to ask that you open a support ticket for this.  Thank you

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