Advanced ZPM not completely enabling (I think)

I have two Zenworks (23.4) environments now, where despite having gone through all the steps, the "new" ZPM somehow doesn't completely activate. The most obvious sign that something is really totally off is the fact, that there isn't even a DAU Bundle at all. Also, after properly and fully enabling ZPM on the "new" Zone, the ZCM Agent Configuration was never changed to activate the Patch Management module.

One is an upgraded Zone from the legacy ZPM, the other has been enabled fresh for the first time on 23.4

I'm having a hard time to even find a place to start looking what is wrong here. 

CVE is configured, and syncs fine (according to the logs). I can rerun a full CVE run manually, and get the expected thousands and thousands of entries. Yet there is no sign of any patches anywhere whatsoever. Consequently, the Patch Management Dashboard also stays completely empty.

Where do I start?