Best practice patching Suse linux


the documentation for patching SLES and Red Hat with Zenworks is pretty limited,

Does anybody have a walk through for patching SLES?

Documentation stats this

"Essentially, if a SUSE or Red Hat device can use its native YaST or YUM package managers to apply
updates without ZENworks involved, ZENworks will be able to orchestrate the installation, including
tracking the status of patches as well as applying them."

But how do you enable Zenoworks to orchestrate the installation of patches?


  • #1 - This is not a ZPM question.  ZPM can patch LInux and is designed to be simple with minimal user knowledge.

    Your question is about "Subscriptions".

    See -

    In the ZCC go to ZCC->Subscribe and Share to get started.

    There are various types of subscriptions you can configure.  You will need to know your SUSE Creds, Which Suse Server to hit, etc... etc....


    If you are already familiar with how to Patch SLES and RH using subscription servers its not very hard.

    If you don't......that is probably something you want to learn how to do natively first....then manage it through ZENworks.

    If you don't want to learn all that.....Then ZPM is a great choice.....which is NOT Subscriptions.....though ZPM still does require SUSE/RH Credentials to be able to access the patches.


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  • Let me rephrase my question

    Is it possible to oatch scan and oatch apply with ZPM on SLES devices without downloading patches into Zenworks with subscriptions?

    If so, is there somewhere I can read up on that, I haven't been able to find that in documentation


  • Suggested Answer

    The section you quoted has nothing to do with ZPM.  Those were Subscriptions

    The link I gave was for SUBSCRIPTIONS which work like Native LInux Patching.

    You go into Subscribe and Share and setup a subscription to Suse.   ZENworks will help configure the Linux OS to patch using native means.  ZENworks does very little beyond that.  This does not require a ZPM license and works with just ZCM out of the box.


    ZPM also supports patching LInux but is an addon product and is more user-friendlier with more features.  You do need to make sure each device is properly registered with SUSE or RH, but beyond that you use the GUI similar to how you use ZPM to Patch WIndows PCs.

    There is a ZPM Patch Agent, ZPM Discover Applicable updates, etc.. etc... just as on Windows....but this is 100% unrelated to "Subscriptions" or the section you noted.


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