Devices no longer reporting patch scans

I have noticed that my devices have stopped reporting patch results to the server.  We have an active subscription key for ZPM and the server is updating/caching new available patches as expected.  However all of my devices have stopped reporting results none of my policies are applying the new updates.  I tried manually a patch scan quick task on devices and they do not list an error.  But then when you go into the device information page and click the Patches tab, the "last patch scan time" does not report the new update.

The devices are otherwise all communicating with Zenworks as normal.  We are running Zenworks 2020 update 1.  Any advice for how to get things back on track?  Or is there a more detailed log for ZPM that we should be looking at?  Screenshots included below.

  • debug zmd-messages.log file may give more details or information for the patch scan.

    primary server's service-messages.log may also be a helpful log to look at (search on GUID/hostname of the device in question)

  • The zmd-messages.log file didn't show any errors (showed successful patch scan file upload to our zenworks server/patchlink directory) and I confirmed the files were present in the directory there.  At this point I did what I probably should've done from the start, and gave the server a restart.  Seems like we probably had a service acting up as after the restart all appears well again.  My last patch scan dashlet immediately updated to show last scan times of 3:18pm (when the server rebooted) when they were previously several weeks ago.  Thank you for the advice.

  • We've got this problem too. 

    We've reset ZPM - and it hasn't helped.

    About 100 out of our 2200 PC's are working.

    I'm wondering if a Microsoft patch has broken Patch Management agents or something?

  • If you go to Bundles->ZPM folder->DAU folder->specific DAU bundle->Actions->Install tab, what files are shown there?